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Living in Harmony with Our Children

-Have you ever wondered why children, at times, act incomprehensible? This is a keynote address from my book that helps to shed light on why children do what they do. The development of this book and keynote comes from my experience as a child, my experience as a parent, and my experience as an educator.


It's Time

- Your leadership can be determined by how you follow your dreams. I have been - and still am - a dreamer to this day. From being a world-class ballroom dancer, to running marathons, to being a finalist more than once at the World Championships of Public Speaking, I know the intrinsic leadership qualities of following a dream. This is a fun, light, 45-minute keynote to encourage the audience that it's time to follow a dream.


Give Yourself Permission

- Your permission is crucial to your wellness. This keynote inspires us to be happy by giving ourselves permission to dream, to be positive, to move, and to laugh. This presentation weaves audience participation within its content, enabling the audience to actively feel happiness.

Public Speaking

Speak to Reach

Joe Grondin - SPEAK TO REACH [book]
- SPEAK TO REACH is not only a book and a presentation about providing us with tools to help us to become proficient public speakers but also, through self-reflection, enabling us to speak from our hearts to reach any audience. To reach an audience means using our unique heart-connected voice to touch others in a way that inspires them to make a positive change.

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Speak to Reach!

Joe Grondin - Speak to Reach


About Joe Grondin
Joe Grondin - Accredited Speaker

Joe Grondin is a

  • 2x World Championship of Public Speaking Finalist,
  • Toastmasters Accredited Speaker,
  • International Inspirational Speaker,
  • Author, and
  • Speech Coach.

Joe Grondin CONNECTS on stage

A teacher/administrator since 1983,

    Joe has
  • a Master's Degree in Teaching & Administration, and
  • a Principal's certificate.
He has
  • taught every single school grade level (K-12), and
  • worked for several years with "At-Risk" youth.
Joe was
  • the Science & Physical Education Subject Coordinator in the last 3 years his before retirement, and
  • honored with the Garth Wade Career Award for Physical Education at his retirement.
Joe Grondin is
  • the author of the book, "Living in Harmony With Our Children," and
  • a keynote speaker who advocates on their behalf.

Joe cherishes speaking opportunities that target

  • Education,
  • Leadership,
  • Wellness, and
  • Public Speaking.

Joe Grondin


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